Overcoming Poverty and Homelessness - Title I, ESEA




Title I funding is used primarily to support equity and academic achievement among students in schools wherein a high percentage of students are challenged to overcome the effects of poverty to achieve consistently high levels of academic success.  Title I funding in Tyler County is allocated to our elementary schools as the percentage of students in poverty is highest at the elementary school level; however, there are special provisions that allow Title I funding to support all students in the county such as support for students who are or become homeless during the school year.  

The greatest portion of Title I funding allocated to Tyler County provides funding that is used to employ four (4) additional teachers who are specifically charged to assist in early identification and intervention for students who are overcoming barriers to successful achievement in reading and mathematics.  Both Arthur I. Boreman Elementary School and Sistersville Elementary School operate a school-wide model of participation that permits all children in the school to benefit from funds allocated through Title I, Part A and Part D.