Current Board of Education Policies

For policies on public comment, any comments may be sent to Robin Daquilante at rdaquila@k12.wv.us.

Folder Section A - Foundations and Basic Commitments (4 Files)
Download AA School District and Board Legal Status
Download AB School Board Effectiveness
Download AC Statement of Philosophy for Early Childhood, Middle Childhood, Adolescent and Adult Education
Download AD Nondiscrimination - Equal Opportunity
Folder Section B - School Board Governance and Operations (22 Files)
Download BA School Board Governance
Download BB School Board Powers and Duties
Download BC School Board Authority
Download BD School Board Member Elections and Term of Office
Download BE Qualifications of Board Members
Download BF Board Vacancy of an Unexpired Term
Download BG Board Member Code of Ethics
Download BH Board Member Conflict of Interest
Download BI Board Officers
Download BJ Legal Counsel for the Board of Education
Download BK Superintendent Relations
Download BL Board Employee Relations
Download BM Board Meetings
Download BN Board Executive Session
Download BO Board Meeting Procedures
Download BP Board Meeting Minutes
Download BQ Public Participation in Board Meetings
Download BR Board Policy Development and Review of Existing Policies
Download BT Board Member Orientation
Download BU Board Member Compensation and Expenses
Download BV Membership in School Board Association
Download BW Pecuniary Interests and Political Contributions of Board Members and Employees
Folder Section C - General School Administration (5 Files)
Download CA Administrative Responsibilities
Download CB Superintendent Duties and Qualifications
Download CC Superintendents Evaluation
Download CD Tyler County Schools Organizational Plan
Download CE Organization Chart
Folder Section D - Fiscal Management (14 Files)
Download DA Fiscal Management
Download DB Budget - Annual Operating
Download DC Revenue - Local Tax
Download DD Revenues from Nontax Sources
Download DE Revenues from Investments
Download DF Budget Reconciliation
Download DG Debt Limitation
Download DH Property and Equipment Sale
Download DI Inventories
Download DJ Purchasing Requirements
Download DK Bonded Employee, Officers and Institutions
Download DL Depository of Funds
Download DM Expense Reimbursements
Download DO Purchase Card
Folder Section E - Support Services (13 Files)
Download EB Authorized Use of School Owned Property and Equipment
Download EC Transportation of Students
Download ED Extra Curricular and Curricular Transportation Buses and or Private Vehicles
Download EF Leasing of School Buses
Download EG School Bus Maintenance and Operation
Download EH School Bus Security-Safety Systems
Download EI Food Service - Sale of Other Foods and Beverages
Download EJ Food Services - Free and Reduced
Download EK Insurance Management
Download EL Food Service Bill Collection
Download EM Transportation Employees Dress Code
Download EN Wellness
Download EO ASE Certification
Folder Section F - Facility Development (7 Files)
Download FA Facilities Planning
Download FB Preventive and Routine Maintenance
Download FC School Facilities Use
Download FD School Facilities For-Profit
Download FE Equal Opportunity in Use of School Facilities
Download FF Emergency School Closings
Download FG Key Control
Folder Section G - Personnel (65 Files)
Download GA Personnel Goals
Download GAA Recruitment - Hiring
Download GAB Substitutes in Areas of Critical Need and Shortage
Download GAC Seniority Rights for School Personnel
Download GAD Reduction-in-Force
Download GAE Preferred Recall
Download GAF Suspension and Dismissal
Download GAG Non-Rehiring of Probationary Personnel
Download GAH Resignation
Download GAI Employment of Substitute Teachers
Download GAJ Seniority Rights of Substitute Teachers
Download GAK Employment of Substitute Service Personnel
Download GAL Seniority Rights of Substitute Service Personnel
Download GAM Beginning Educator Internship Program
Download GAN Beginning Principal Internship
Download GAO Administrative Lateral Movement
Download GAP Classified Service Personnel Orientation
Download GAQ Staff Time Schedules
Download GAR Staff Conflict of Interest
Download GAS Reserve Employment of Professional Personnel
Download GAT Safety
Download GAU Professional Certification - Licensure
Download GAV Administration of Medications
Download GAW Extra Duty - Professional Personnel
Download GAX Staff Meetings Faculty Senate
Download GB Code of Ethics for Administrators
Download GBA Student Teachers
Download GBB Non-School Personnel Used as Chaperones
Download GBC Volunteers - Adult
Download GBD Personal Leave Donation
Download GBE Weapons on School Property
Download GBF Staff Development: Professional and Service
Download GBG Professional Leave
Download GBH Administrator - Staff Communications
Download GBI Superintendent Performance Evaluation
Download GBJ Use of Federal Funds for Tuition Assistance
Download GBK Overtime / Compensatory Time
Download GBL Lock-Out Tag-Out Policy of Energy Isolating Devices
Download GBM Vehicle Usage
Download GC Employee Code of Conduct
Download GD Staff Protection
Download GE Staff Student Relations
Download GF Drug-Free Workplace
Download GG Tobacco Control
Download GH Racial, Sexual, Religious, Ethnic Harassment or Violence
Download GI Falsification of Reporting
Download GJ Personnel Records
Download GK Employees with Chronic Infectious Diseases
Download GL Leave for Illness or Other Causes
Download GLA Other Leave
Download GLB Sick and Personal Leave Incentive Program
Download GLC Early Retirement Notification
Download GM Leave of Absence
Download GN Legal Leave
Download GO - IAC Internet Acceptable Use Plicy
Download GP Sabbatical Leave
Download GQ Personal Leave Bank
Download GR Travel Reimbursement
Download GS Duty Free Lunch and Daily Planning Period
Download GT Employee Contracts
Download GU Evaluation of School Personnel
Download GV Vacation Days for 261 Day Employees
Download GW Transportation Employees Alcohol and Controlled Substance Testing
Download GY Medical Examinations
Download GZ Supervision of Personnel
Folder Section I - Instruction (34 Files)
Download IA Basic Instructional Programs
Download IAA Accrued Time
Download IAB Aids Education
Download IAC-GO Internet Acceptable Use
Download IAD Experiential Learning
Download IAE College and Dual Credit Courses
Download IAF Embedded Credit
Download IAG Credit Recovery
Download IB Education Goals
Download IC Graduation Requirements
Download ID Class Ranking
Download IE Drivers Education
Download IF Student Assessment
Download IG Report Cards
Download IGH Programs for Study for Limited English Proficient Students
Download IH Promotion/Retention
Download II Grading System - Honor Roll
Download IJ Homework
Download IK Make-Up Work
Download IL Organization of Instruction
Download IM Homebound Instruction
Download IN Private Instruction in the Home or Other Approved Place
Download IO Field Trips
Download IP Instructional Materials and Equipment
Download IQ Instructional Day
Download IR Instructional Term - School Year
Download IS Lesson Plans and Grade Records
Download IT High School Semester Exams
Download IU Public Complaints about Instructional Curriculum
Download IV Textbook Adoption
Download IW Comprehensive School Counseling Program
Download IX Maximum Teacher-Pupil Ratio
Download IY Summer School
Download IZ Textbook Costs
Folder Section J - Students (32 Files)
Download JAA Cyberbullying
Download JAC Student Health Services
Download JAD Directory Information
Download JAE Injury or Other Medical Emergency at School
Download JAF Supervision of Students
Download JAG - Regulations for the Education of Students with Exceptionalities
Download JAH Compulsory Hearing, Vision, and Speech Language
Download JAI Out of State Students - Tuition Fee
Download JAJ Student Automobile Use
Download JAL Student Physical Examinations
Download JAM Student Insurance
Download JAN Student Records - Access
Download JAO Student Records - Confidentiality
Download JAQ Medical Exlusions from School - Head Lice
Download JC School Enrollment Requirements
Download JD Immunizations and Birth Certificate
Download JE Assignment of Students to Schools
Download JF Compulsory Student Attendance
Download JG Dropout Prevention
Download JH Alternative Education Programs
Download JJ Reporting of Children Suspected to be Abused or Neglected
Download JK Student Dress Code
Download JM Manual for Expected Behavior in Safe and Supportive Schools
Download JO Use of Body Building, Dietary Supplements
Download JR Weapons and/or Explosive Devices
Download JS Drugs and or Alcohol
Download JT Possession, Use of Tobacco Products
Download JU Communicable Disease Control
Download JV Assembly and Petition
Download JW Release of Students to Parent or Custodian
Download JX Student Conduct on Buses
Folder Section K - School Community Relations (11 Files)
Download KA School-Community Relations
Download KB Local School Improvement Councils
Download KC News Media Relations
Download KD Community?Adult Education Programs
Download KE Public Complaints
Download KF Engaging Parents, Families, Students, Business and Community in Education
Download KF Parent, Family, and Community Involvement in Education
Download KG Public Records Access
Download KH Visitors to the Schools
Download KI School-Business Partnerships
Download KJ Veteran`s Honors Funeral Assistant Community Service Program
Folder Section L - Education Agency Relations (5 Files)
Download LA Education Agency Relations
Download LB Mid-Ohio Valley Technical Institute
Download LD Education Research
Download LE Post Secondary Educational Institutions
Download LF County Personnel Association Agency Relations
Folder Policies on Two Week Comment Period (0 Files)